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Fall is officially here and nights are getting chilly. We are turning on our furnaces and installing storm windows. Winter is just around the corner. Soon we will be closing and sealing windows and adjusting weather stripping. Eliminating drafts and adding insulation can make your heating dollar go further. It can also reduce fresh airflow.

Here's a simple checklist to help you maximize your indoor air quality:

Get oil burners inspected annually. A puff back can occur when your oil burner malfunctions, sending soot throughout your home or business. Soot should be cleaned immediately to prevent more contamination.
Change or clean heating & air-conditioning filters regularly.
Have air ducts professionally cleaned every two to five years.
Install carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide levels can become deadly without warning. Place detectors on every level of your home... especially outside of the bedrooms.
Prevent mold & mildew growth. All water damaged items should be evaluated by a disaster restoration specialist. Fix water leaks or seepage problems. Replace water-damaged wallboard and remove & replace wet insulation.
Wash your bedding often in hot water to reduce dust mites.

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