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Each year in the United States 24,000 dryer fires cause 96 million dollars worth of property damage!

Dryers start more household fires than any other appliance, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Improper venting is often the cause, while dryer lint is generally the agent which fuels the fire. Typical lint screens only filter out 75% of lint.

You can help prevent dryer fires by taking some precautions:

Clean the lint screen before and after each use.
Vent dryers to the OUTSIDE. Make sure hoses aren't clogged. Pull the dryer away from the wall and look underneath and behind it. Check outside for debris or bird's nests which could block air flow,
Remove screens covering outside air ducts.
Use a short length of RIGID ducting instead of long lengths of flexible hose.
Avoid using plastic ducting as it is more likely to collapse and trap lint. Vent hoses should be made of aluminum which is less flammable than plastic.
Allow an opening of at least 120 sq. inches, (775 cm) for dryers located in closets or enclosed spaces. This will allow adequate air flow for proper circulation, and avoid lint build up.
Have a qualified appliance technician clean the inside of the dryer between the rotating drum and the cabinet periodically.
Apartments often contain dryers with long metal ducts with many bends and in-line fans and filters. These require special attention. The filters should be cleaned regularly.

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