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Frozen pipes can develop after a cold snap. They commonly occur in unoccupied or vacation homes. All too often however, we see them in the homes in which we live. Here are a few tips to help prevent and remedy frozen pipes:


Know where your water shut-off valve is located.

Mark it, and make sure everyone can turn off the water.

Insulate Your Pipes
Wrap both hot and cold water pipes with at least two inches of insulation. Specifically designed insulated tape may also be used. Other types of insulation include foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation. Pipes that run through unheated areas may also be wrapped with special heating strips before being insulated.

Drain Your Sprinkler System

Disconnect & remove hoses from the outside faucets. Wrap faucets with newspaper or insulation, or install faucet insulators. Shut water off from the inside by closing the turn-off valve. Then open the faucet on the outside of the house to drain any residual water.

Pipes often freeze overnight. You can prevent this by leaving a small stream of water, (the size of the lead of a pencil), running. Include both indoor and outdoor faucets farthest from the meter.

Use Room Heat

Open cabinet doors to expose pipes located inside to warm room air.

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Are Freezing?

If you notice a reduction in water pressure, your pipes may be beginning to freeze. TURN THE WATER ON AND LEAVE IT ON! This may dislodge the ice and prevent the pipe from freezing.

If You Have Frozen Pipes

TURN OFF THE WATER! Turn off your water heater circuit breaker. This will prevent the heating elements from being damaged. Check for leaks or cracks in the pipes. They will need to be repaired before turning on water.

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