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Why do they happen in summer?
Washing machine hose breaks are especially common during the summer months. This can be due to a number of things:

Many people choose good weather to wash comforters and heavy items that can sometimes displace the load during the spin cycle The resulting vibrations could weaken the attachment of the hose, or rupture an existing tear or weakness.
We often wash more clothes in the summer. Outdoor activities and frequent changes of clothing see to that.
We may not be home when a break occurs. Trips to the beach or even vacations keep us away from the house for extended periods. A break requiring a small mop up when home, becomes a much bigger problem in our absence.

How can we avoid them?

Locate your main water shut off valve and make sure everyone knows how to turn off the water.
Replace rubber washer hoses with steel ones.
Install a shut off valve on the washer. Turn it off when the machine is not being used.
If your machine is located on the first or second floor, place a pan underneath it and connect it to a drain.

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